Sample Logistics Paper On Samsung’s Supply Chain

Homework Question on Logistics Paper On Samsung’s Supply Chain

  1. Which type of transportation is most important in Samsung’s supply chain?
  2. Could Samsung use a different mix of transportation modes to improve its efficiency?

Homework Answer on Logistics Paper On Samsung’s Supply Chain

Transportation relates to physical movement of valuables from the place of production or the source to the place they are needed for consumption. Products may be required in stores, warehouses and households. Transportation may take various forms such as pipeline, cables, boats, rails, air and roads. Different valuables are transported using different means of transportation depending on their nature.

Bulky valuables could be transported using roads, boats, rails as well as ships while those that are light could be transported by air and other suitable means. Liquids such as oil could be transported using pipeline white cables could transport others like electric power. Depending on the distance covered in transportation, also different valuables will take different means of transportation. However, transporting valuables involves incurring costs and a firm aims at minimizing these costs to increase profitability in the organization.

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Therefore, when making the decision of which means to use in transporting its products, a firm has to consider the costs that it will incur as well as the nature of its products. In regard to Samsung, liner shipping would be the most appropriate means of transport to use when transporting its products.. The company mainly deals with electronics but in the recent past, it has diversified its operations. The company has entered the field of insurance and also in textile trading.