Sample Logistics Paper On The Role of Transportation in Logistics

Homework Question on The Role of Transportation in Logistics

  • The importance of transportation in logistics will be my topic.
  • In this paper I will explain the how transportation in logistics plays a major role in the world today.
  • The focus of how did transportation in logistics come so far and why it is a major asset todays way of life. I will go into the different means of transportation that’s fits different logistical needs.
  • The requirements of this paper include:
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  5. A table of contents
  6. 5-7 numbered pages of text
  7. A reference page
  8. The research paper requires at least five references.

                Homework Answer on The Role of Transportation in Logistics


Transportation process plays an important role in the effectiveness of moving products. Improved techniques and management ethics enhance delivery speed, service quality, operation cost, usage of facilities, and energy saving. Transportation plays a major function in the process of logistics. A resilient system requires a clear structure of logistics and suitable transport equipment and practices to link the manufacturing processes. The objective of this research is to examine the significance of transportation in logistics.


Several researches have focused on the study of logistics since its advancement from 1950s. Nationalization and globalization has led to recognition andgrowth of logistic management in several areas. Logistics assist in optimizing production and distribution procedures in organizationsbased on similar resources through management techniques for enhancing the effectiveness and competitiveness of enterprises (Tseng, Yue, & Taylor, 2005). The transportation system is an essential element of logistics, which links different activities. One-third of logistics cost is spent on transportation and transportation systems have a great impact on the performance of logistics system. Transporting takes place in the entire production processes, from manufacturing to delivery to the ultimate users and returns. The elements should be well organized to make higher profits. This paper aims at re-clarifying and redefining the relationship between transportation and logistics systems. It describes the significance of transportation in logistics activities and different means of transportation that fit different logistical needs(Tseng, Yue, & Taylor, 2005).

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Interrelationships between Transportation and Logistics

Transportation refers to movement from one place to another, that is, from the start of the supply chain to the client’s hands. It assists the economy in the growth of trade and commerce. Logistics cannot be productive without well-organized transportation systems. A good transport system in logistics activities improvesproductivity, minimizes operation cost, and increases quality of services. Both public and private sectors are essential or enhancing transportation systems. A good logistics system increases the competitiveness of the government and businesses(Tseng, Yue, & Taylor, 2005).