Sample Logistics Paper On Supply Chain Management

Homework Question on Supply Chain Management

  • You are Vice President of Supply Chain Management in a major organization.
  1. What processes and procedures would you implement to maximize the efficiency and minimize the costs of the transportation portion of your company’s supply chain ?
  2. What metrics and benchmarks would you establish to measure success ?
  • The length of your response to this question should be at least 500 words. Be creative.

Homework Answer on Supply Chain Management

A supply chain management is a process through which raw materials are transformed into finished goods and finally get to the final consumers. Companies use different supply chains in the event of conducting their businesses. Nestle Bangladesh ltd uses a supply chain that consists of producers, suppliers, and final consumer. This is where the company gets its raw materials, such as Nescafe 200gm pillow pouch and Nescafe classic jar from Nescafe Malaysia.

The supplier ensures that the coffee berries meet the expected quality so that the company can maintain its consistence taste. The process is seen to be costly and may sometimes create delays in supplying composite raw materials to be used in the company (Weele 21). This will translate to losses on the side of the company. Due to these shortcomings, the company should built processing industries in Bangladesh to reduce the transportation cost and address shortages.

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By doing this, the company will ensure that their operations are consistent, and are not affected by the shortages of raw materials. In addition, the company should target the local market by producing products that suite their needs. This will enhance the company’s image in the eyes of the public. The United parcel service’s supply chain consists of several suppliers, which can be considered as a secondary supply chain system.