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Homework Question on Advance Logistics

  1. Identify packaging design and material handling principles as they relate to efficient warehouse management.
  2. How do these characteristics affect customer satisfaction?

Homework Answer on Advance Logistics

Packaging techniques have scientific, artistic, and technological characteristics meant to protect products during storage, selling process, distribution, and use. They provide valuable results on efficiency and productivity of supply chain operations (Saghir, 2004). Packaging strategies determine time frames required for complete packaging exercises, which consequently influence time of goods delivery to clients.

There are a number of packaging designs that can be adopted. These include primary, secondary, tertiary, group, transport, display, retail, and used packaging, although some packaging designs have same characteristics (Saghir, 2004). Primary packaging designs is a contact package, which enables a consumer to have effective carriage of the product. That is, a consumer is allowed to have the product contained in the package, thereby increasing the customer’s ease of handling bought products.

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Secondary packaging designs involve a number of primary packages. This type of packaging facilitates lump transportation of goods from wholesaler to retailer or from producer to whole saler. Tertiary packaging designs is achieved when several primary or secondary packaging designs are put together in a roller or container. This technique of packaging facilitates transportation of large quantities of goods for a long distance.Therefore, it enables access of goods to customers that stay very far from the producing centre. Material handling principles include planning, work, standardization, agronomic, space utilization, system, environmental, and automation systems. Each of these principles is meant to achieve specific objective in terms of customer satisfaction.