Sample Logistics Essays On Supply Chain

Homework Question on supply chain of your organization

  1. Discuss the supply chain of your organization or research a company with which you are very familiar.  Diagram and describe the participants, activities and benefits of the supply chain in terms of key concepts from the text.
  2. Based on the SCM Concept, discuss the fundamental elements of supply chain management as it relates to the company in activity.How do these elements impact the decision making process of the organization?

Homework Answer on supply chain of your organization

Most organizations strive to effectively compete equally for goods and services from their suppliers. The various steps that lead to successful delivery f goods from their producers all through to consumers are what make up the supply chain. With the increase in the demand for goods and services and the changing of individuals’ taste and preference, organizations are supposed to devise new ways of engaging in the market.

The players in the supply chain   include;

Suppliers- they are responsible for provision of goods and services in the market. They link the manufacturers and the consumers through the retailers.  They play a very important role in the supply chain by ensuring that produced goods reach the market.

Distributors– unlike suppliers, most distributors are part of the manufacturing team. However their role is similar to the suppliers since they both ensure that goods reach the market though distributors use middlemen.

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Retailers– they act as middlemen between distributors and consumers. They contribute to the supply chain by ensuring that goods and services reach the consumers.

Consumers. Their contribution in the supply chain is in terms of funds that are through purchase of goods and service. They also provide manpower to the supply chain by engaging in production of goods and services in the production companies.