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Homework Question on Supply Chain

  • The agile supply chain utilizes the idea of “speed to market” in order to get the product to the end-consumer as quickly as possible as we often see happen when new technology becomes available (i.e. cell phones, flat screen TV’s, etc).
  1. How might both the manufacturer and the end-consumer be harmed utilizing this concept?

Homework Answer on Supply Chain

The idea of speed to market as used by the agile supply chain remains a critical factor towards ensuring market growth for a new product (Seiter, 2009, p. 34). From the general understanding of the concept as applied in the supply process of inventories and other finished products, firms undergo pressure from consumers and various retail agents, whose demands are pegged on right products supplied at the right prices within the right time framework and at the right location (Tallman, 2007, p. 78).

This means that the product in its set must be launched at the right time, and the gap between the producer and the consumer significantly reduced in order to facilitate the process of consumption. As the firm tries to meet its customers’ targets through quality products, timely delivery and sufficient supplies, challenges such as costs of production increases while the quality of product compromised (Tallman, 2007, p. 78).

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Cost increment and poor product quality result from the fact that the company is compelled to work on a strategy of product variation, which must be launched each season in order to remain competitive.Other than the cost and quality, the speed at which various products are introduced into the market predicts future failure and unstable long term production system. The company can only manage a shorter product life cycle while struggling to increase market shares and maintain its profit margin (Bozzone, 2002, p. 104).