Sample Logistics Essays On Live Racks

Homework Question on Live Racks

  1. Evaluate the logic of ‘live racks’?
  2. End your initial response with a follow-up question for your classmates to address in further the discussion.

Homework Answer on Live Racks

Racking is one of the most important aspects to consider in any kind of storage. The type of storage a person chooses affects a great deal in logistical management. The reception and the release of goods are highly dependent on the racking system a person uses. The suitability of the racking system a person chooses plays a great role in terms of efficiency and business turnovers and profitability. Physical space and optimal utilization of the facility dictates a lot on the kind of system an individual would conveniently use.

Other factors a person would consider are the storage density, capacity, the warehouse lighting system, and perishability of the commodities among other fundamentals (Van Den Berg, 1999).Live racking system is a highly efficient structure that not only saves time of wares handling but also cost effective in the sense that it needs lesser human activity. The operator is able to load wares in a single aisle, and get it in automated rotational system to the next one, in a first in, first out ‘FIFO’ system (Wen & Chang, 1988).

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This helps one to avoid the tedious manual handling, which would lead to possible risks of the goods. Live racks are also suitable for perishable wares and give it the fastest and safest handling. Automated rotation of stock in this system is ensured, helping and maintaining a systematic reception and release of stock in an orderly FIFO basis. On the other hand, the number of the aisles needed is minimized owing to the limited manual input in the warehouse.