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Homework Question on The Future of Airport Development

  1. The future of airport development. With terrorist-driven declines in air traffic will there be a need for new airports?
  2. Are existing airports adequate for current passenger and freight needs?

Homework Answer on The Future of Airport Development

A challenge airports face today is the increasing number of people preferring to use air travel that has since caused overcrowding. It is expected that most of the challenges facing airport development will be solved in the future including congestion and unnecessary flight delays. The improvement of airport infrastructure, however, faces the threat of terrorism that has been on the rise in recent years.There are several cases where terrorists shoot down aircraft and bomb airports.

The threat of terrorism is one of the significant factors causing air transportation disruption today. This adversely impacts other economic aspects in the form of the loss of business and the reduction of passengers.The terrorist-driven decline in air traffic threatens the construction of new and more airports(Balvanyos& Lave, 2005). There is no need for airports unless measures are put in place by relevant authorities to prevent increasing terrorist attacks.

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The good news is that in recent years, global aviation authorities have come up with security and safety mentions with the aim of curtailing the threat of terrorism. Passenger and freight needs are graduallyincreasing meaning that existing airports will be inadequate and will not be in a position to handle the increasing needs and demands for passenger and freight services(Howard& Keller, 2000). As such, the expansion of existing airports is essential, and this should occur concurrently with the heightening of security and safety in airports.