Sample Logistics Essay Paper on 2018 Supply Chains-Capgemini

2018 Supply Chains-Capgemini

The report projects how the industry will be like in 2016. Some of the features indicate that the industry will experience growth, consumer focused mechanisms, invention of new technologies and breaking away from monopoly power. This essay deals with the summary of Supply Chains-Capgemini.

Notable changes in 2016 report include: financial improvement, flux in the value of unrefined materials and environmental sustainability. Asia is a diverse continent covering over 45 million square kilometers. It is not only central to western commerce but also global economy. The study shows that by 2018 there will be new turn of events in Asia which will include: rural to urban migration and scarcity of basic amenities. A large number of elderly people who control economic security and have great purchasing power; will constitute the majority group.  Increase in income and consumption levels will results to struggle for the few resources.

 There is need to have equilibrium price on products for low income earners to access.  Immigrants demand goods will results to diversification in-service delivery while increase pollution. The greatest challenge is handling environmental goods not to lower their prices. Asians are embracing technology with most consumers getting familiar with online shopping techniques. Manufacturers have to engage in direct communication with the consumers. This cause mass marketing to decline with a margin. Companies have to be innovative, deal with emerging issues and reveal as much as they can about their products for the purpose of retaining their clientele.  Government involvement will influence water policies and energy strategies which will solve the problem of scarcity in raw materials (Capgemini, 2000).

 In conclusion, economic change is important for Asia. Towards the future, there will be need to Collaborate transport footprint reduction and be informed about carbon dioxide emission and be equipped with standard POS database.


Capgemini. (2000). 2018 Supply Chains . New York, NY: Datamonitor.