Sample Logistics Coursework Paper Summary on Transport Security

Transport Security

The transport sector comprises of various transport means such as aviation, road transport, and water and rail transportation. In each of these transport structures, security comprises a very essential issue in the transport sector. Terrorism is currently the greatest threat to the security of the transport system. One of the motives of terrorism in the transport sector is for seizure of goods in transit while another is for targeting masses of people (McDougall and Radvanovsky,2010).

In either way, various security measures have been put in place across the transport industry to enhance security. In the air transport sector in particular, the measures that are usually used   include search, use of sniffer dogs, x-ray checks and personal checks for all passengers. Each of these measures is effective in its own way in enhancing the security of passengers and goods in transit.

Despite the effectiveness of each of these methods,   various challenges still exist in the quest for security in the transport sector. The key challenge faced is in the acquisition of funds for establishing the security systems. The air transport sector has however been improved in terms of security due to the application of the available security measures. The security measures applied in the transport sector has enhanced the safe movement of people and goods in transportation.

The measures enhance the process of risk mitigation through improving the ability to recognize security threats. This makes it possible for security personnel to plan and mitigate risks before they escalate (Senguttuvan,2011). The improvement of security in the transport sector is essential as it helps the logistics management process. The ability to identify and mitigate risks makes air transport safe for people and goods.


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