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Most parts of our lives are spent at our workplaces. Clearly, for staff satisfaction maintaining a
healthy and comfortable workplace is highly influential. 11% gains in productivity can be
attained due to improved air quality and ventilation. Exactly how can employee morale be
improved by commercial office cleaning by ASD property services?
Improved air quality: Even though not invisible to the eye, employees, especially those prone
to asthma or allergies can be affected by air quality in their health and wellbeing. However,
improvements would be experienced (however minor) from air quality improvement. At ASD
there are green cleaning protocols where we work with the office team to keep office clutter-free.
There is regular surface cleaning, high-grade HEPA filters vacuum, remove dust, and even ducts
for clean air.
Reduced sick days: As you likely know, one of the major financial costs to the company is
absence through sickness. In addition, more pressure is felt by the rest of the team to fill the gaps
once an employee takes sick leave which leads to lower morale and productivity. When a group
comes together to share a space, clearly germs are inevitable. Especially during this heightened
Coronavirus era, ASD helps with general hygiene throughout the office, high cleanliness levels
and thorough disinfection. This translates to overall hygiene and well being of your team,
reduced sick days and improvement in the company’s productivity.
Delegating external cleaning tasks: Last thing employees wish for is cleaning duties being
outsourced as they have enough tasks on their plates to handle. Your employees will not only
thank you for not adding more workload to them, but will encourage your team to focus on what

they do best; what directly contributes to your business’s bottom line. With ASD cleanliness of
your office will be done professionally so as to keep your employees and clientele in a safe plus
healthy environment.
Wherever possible mitigate hazards: by paying attention to safety of your workers, you
demonstrate their value as your team as well as improving morale. ASD professionals help
prevent many hazards as possible while reducing time lost to accidents in addition to own
liabilities and financial risks. Some of the safety risks we help prevent are slipping and falling. It
is done through sweeping, removing of obstacles and mopping. Though it’s a concern year-
round, during winter months more hazards get felt due to excess moisture tracked onto your
One of the biggest struggles of operators of warehouses and factories of all shapes and sizes is
maintaining clean and organized premises. To help you out ASD properties has every solution to
maintaining machines in your production line clean and in the best working order and using
minimum effort to keep aisles of your warehouse free of debris.
What are industrial disinfection services? Microorganisms and bacteria are found in
every environment. Thankfully, most are not as harmful to human beings. However, disease-
causing organisms (pathogens) can be fatal. Of course, the unknown surrounding of coronavirus
has sounded alarm bells for all of us due to its significant risks to human. ASD as an industrial
disinfection service offer extra protection. However, what are these services exactly? They are
enhanced cleaning protocols which provide an optimal level of cleanliness using disinfectants.
Cleaning protocols used may vary based upon the facility. At ASD, tools utilized are electrical

chemical atomizer fogging units, EPA certified chemicals that offer protection against SARS-
CoV-2; the cause of coronavirus, and specific training to employees.
Commercial disinfection services offer peace of mind: We can reduce illness and its spread
through disinfecting though there is no means to eliminate disease transmission risks. ASD will
work with the company to formulate a disinfection plan that offers you and your staff peace of
mind. For this to work out, we identify critical areas and develop a full industrial disinfection
task list in conjunction with recommendation from CDC. We pay attention to touch points such
as light switches, handrails, doorknobs, fixtures and handles.
Industrial disinfecting service isn’t a job for anyone: No matter the industry facilities
that you run; industrial, automotive, manufacturing, fulfillment and distribution, high tech,
food and beverage and more, you need exceptional cleaning services. As a facility
manager, you must juggle safety, productivity, production schedules, and of course
compliance. However, you must minimize added costs and delays. As cleaning
solutions cannot fit in one size, you need a cleaning company that makes your business
their business.
Industrial disinfecting services help you get back to business: ASD is here to help in your
facility to help remove biohazard contaminants. With so many years of experience, usage of
approved CDC disinfection methods and professionally trained staff- additional enhanced
services will be used to disinfect you entire facility. As we have worked with many industrial
facilities, this new crisis helps our business community prosper; affords us chance to use our
experience, professionalism and quality standards.

When retail stores hire professional cleaning companies one can easily tell. Their shoppers are
happier with the environment since restrooms are cleaners, windows shinier, and floors are
debris and dirt free. But can’t this be accomplished by the store’s employees after hours? If
everyone came in to help, it would be drastically done, right? Can your staff surely create a
clean, hygienic shopping environment for your customers?
Cleaning companies are trained to clean properly: Think again and again if you’re imagining
your staff is happy as they clean toilets, polish sinks, polish floors, and mop the floors in your
store’s rest rooms. They might just pick up paper towels that didn’t make it to the trash can and
sweep a little and call it done. Will the cleanliness of the rest room satisfy a customer when
he/she walks in? A retail establishment’s restrooms influences whether 95% of customers will
visit the store once again. Even a barely-clean bathroom will affect them visiting your store. To
avoid risk of loss of customers due to hygiene, ASD Properties Company is already at your help
for the benefit of both parties as a whole.
In no time at all, your rest rooms will be sparkling clean and up to anyone’s hygiene standards.
Not to mention, entryways will be sparkling clean, floors shinny as well as windows throughout
the rest of space. We have the tools and knowledge to maintain retail space properly. This will
ensure customer satisfaction. Pros will ensure the job is done right the first time when you leave
the job to them and so you can rest easy.
Retail stores hire professional cleaning companies to mitigate risk: Untrained workers can do
damage to themselves and others all because they do not do the job safely. Wet, slippery floors
and potentially dangerous chemicals are a cause of accidents. At ASD we offer intensive training
to our workers to ensure they are apprised of ways to tackle any requested jobs. Retail stores
usually protect themselves from financial harm should accidents occur once they hire

professional cleaning companies. We usually have insurance coverage thus retail establishments
won’t be liable for expensive medical bills if someone is injured while cleaning.
Of importance is ensuring consistent high standards of cleaning that prevent the spread of
coronavirus. Level of specialization in cleaning of medical facilities at ASD complies with
clinical requirements; surface disinfection and bio-hazard cleaning. Finer details in cleaning are
the ones to make a difference to the safety of patients, visitors and staff in addition to their health
and well-being. Just as you go to care of every individual patient, we get cautious cleaning
medical areas because we believe it’s important to look after other people.
Attention to detail: patients won’t just trust anybody to look after their health. Basically, a
superior level of care, quality and expertise from your dedicated team of healthcare professionals
is of major importance. In the same way, your trust wouldn’t just go to anyone to look after your
medical facility. That is the reason we try our best to provide attention to detail. During flu
season we offer strategic advice to ensure a patient navigates a floor which is freshly mopped.
Quality and compliance: Redefining quality and setting a new benchmark for medical cleaning
is of main focus at ASD. With help from customer service, account management and help desk
support we provide total and complete pace of mind. We clearly fathom health care regulatory
standards when it comes to cleanliness; creating and maintaining environments which are
hygienically crucial to individual care.
The ASD difference: Rigorous training is undergone by all our medical cleaners. After
certification from ASD medical cleaning, cleaners undergo WH&S and Quality Management
systems, and all acquire police clearances. Strategic advice on cleaning different medical
facilities is provided. We design cleaning specifications suited for Radiology, General practices,

family clinics, dental surgeries and other specialized medical services from our expertise in this
sector. Besides, infection control during flu season is also provided and particularly precaution
measures. Other advantage is that our services are tailored to suit your needs and requirements
specifically. You will never pay for a service you do not require.
At ASD properties, care of patients by creating and maintaining a calm and caring experience is
a top priority. In providing the experience, a consistently clean environment plays an essential
role. A hygienically safe clinical medical space is needed as an assurance to your patients as well
as staff. Health care businesses make ever-tightening standards and compliance policies essential
in prevention of risks related to cleanliness and hygiene. You require a medical cleaning
company which understands best cleaning practices for healthcare.
Cleaning and hygiene standard levels were raised to a very high level due to view of pandemics.
As understood, this placed more responsibilities to childcare providers. In addition to this, a safe
environment provides a safe space to address a child; emotional, physiological and physical
needs. Parents as well as stuff need a hygienic and clean environment they can trust with their
Quality and compliance: ASD cleaning and disinfection is in accordance with government
guidelines. Measures of prevention of risks related to cleanliness and hygiene are essential to
childcare organizations in the government guidelines. In addition, ASD takes into account:
a. Use of natural and effective non-toxic cleaning products
b. Specialists cleaning services which are suited for childcare compliance
c. Appropriate vaccinations to all cleaners including flu vaccine
d. Police checks by all cleaners and working with children clearance

e. Monitoring and reporting of cleaning activity to assist with regulatory compliance
ASD cleaning and disinfecting guarantee its cleaning services after every cleaning. If any issue is
spotted after a cleaning, simply inform your cleaning franchisee and the problem will be fixed
with a one business day. We also ensure your facility is compliant with regulations of OSHA.
We keep a cleaning plan which includes your operation hours, cleaning specialty for your
facility’s floor and any other request you may have. In cleaning of bathrooms we give extra
attention to high-touch and high-bacteria-risk areas. It reduces risk of transfer of bacteria from
person to person. During cleaning we use color-coded microfiber. When cleaning microfiber is
proven to trap higher rates of dirt, dust, and germs and prevent cross-contamination in your
ASD cleaning and disinfection offers kid-friendly disinfection which makes it easy to clean your
daycare. 99.99% of dangerous bacteria and viruses on contact get knocked out by use of this eco-
friendly non-toxic disinfectant. The disinfectant can be used on any surface; toys, play
equipment, bathroom fixtures, and even surfaces like carpets that are fibrous. We rely on HEPA-
filter ProTeam vacuums. Particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter get trapped by these high-
suction vacuums thus helping in keeping dust and irritating particles out of the air.