Sample Literature Paper On The Power of Love

Homework Question on The Power of Love

  • The research paper should discuss a major character, theme, or issue in one or more literary works of any of the authors we are reading in the course.(The Fire-Fly’s Lovers by Griffis)
  • The paper should be at least three pages long and should include at least one good secondary source.
  • The text of the literary work is the primary source. Secondary sources are essays, articles, or books written by scholars or literary critics about a particular literary work, or about several literary works, or about the author.

Homework Answer on The Power of Love

The Fire-Fly’s Lovers by Griffis features the king’s daughter Hotaru. She is charming and every fly want to marry her. Therefore, she provides to the suitors a limited request that goes beyond their capabilities. Possible lovers were unlikely to find the gift that the princess needed. Some of the suitors lost their lives as they strived to bring the gift to their dream wife to be. The bigger number got burned to death by fire while the other suffered from burns. This essay discusses the character of Hotaru as brought out in the fairy tale (Griffis, 2009).

One of the outstanding character and behavioral attributed observed in Hotaru is humility. Despite coming from a well up background, Hotaru was ready to engage or get married to a humble man who would fulfill the promises or her requirements. This makes her the best gift to the person who wins her heart. However, the test presented a big challenge to those interested hence not a walk in the park.  On the other hand, suitors were determined to walk the talk by fulfilling her desires.

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So they all set out on a journey to look for fire. Hi-maro being the prince from the north had to follow the direction given by the princess. Before he approached the queen, he first sent some gifts to the father who accepted them happily. This was the start of negotiations that were to take place before the queen heeded to the gloom’s request.