Sample Literature Paper On The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Homework Question on The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka-Critical Analysis

  • Write three critical essay analysis by critic’s opinion and explanation of ( The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka) .
  • I do not need biography or plot summary.I want critics opinions or what the critics says about “The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka”.
  • Write it with MLA format .
  • Summarize and explain what the critics says.

Homework Answer on The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka-Critical Analysis

According to Barfi, Azizmohammadi, & Kohzadi (108) the Metamorphosis symbolizes Gregor’s unconscious world. The authors analyze the narrative from the Sigmund Freudian theory where the text dramatizes the inner world and repressed desires of Gregory. From Freudian theory, the mind consists of the conscious and the unconscious (Barfi, Azizmohammadi, & Kohzadi 113) where the unconscious bears the feelings, horrors, conflicts, and memories. The initial image in Gregor’s mind sets up the story.

One morning while on his bed, as Gregor Samsa woke up from his anxious dreams, he realized that he had changed to a huge verminous bug. The narrative uses the terms, ‘waking’, ‘dream, and ‘bed’ respectively. Though Gregor wakes up, he actually shifts from the conscious to the unconscious world of dreams. The opening part mentions that Gregor’s body is cold, a fact that affirms his psychological transfer. The coldness is further perceived as an unconscious feature for the images of the night while coldness depicts the state of unconsciousness. It is interesting to note that all the times mentioned in the narrative are either night or evening. Morning time has been characterized by frost and rain.

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Traces of Oedipus complex and castration are evident in the narrative (Barfi, Azizmohammadi, & Kohzadi 111). The story is largely a daydream of Gregor’s transfer of his desires to his unconscious world where all the repressed desires are assembled. The authors have assumed that Gregor represses into the phallic stage of development, which is also an Oedipus complex stage. The big insect, Gregor transfers to have thin and weak legs, an image that has been repeated severally in the story. From the hypothesis of Freud, images with longer length than the diameters are male of phallic symbolically.