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Homework Question on Trifles by Susan Glaspell

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Task: Read the play “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell and prepare a script answering the following question for your oral presentations.

In the 19 Century, women were associated with the private sphere (home) and men with the public sphere (work and civic responsibilities). How is this gender division reflected in the play?

  • You are preparing a script, which answers the previous question. The script should be, word for word, what you are going to speak to the class.
  • Use evidence (quotes) from the play to support your answer.
  • Be sure to answer the question clearly and concisely. You must clearly answer the question in less than 200 words. (100 words is ideal)
  • No referencing needed.

Homework Answer on Trifles by Susan Glaspell

“Trifles” is a short play by Susan Glaspell concerning the murder of Mr. Wright by Mrs. Wright. It is set in a gloomy mood, and Glaspell hopes to communicate the place and role of men and women as dictated by society. The title of the play depicts how men belittle women since they consider anything associated with women as “trifles.” As Henderson states, “women are used to worrying over trifles.” The play does not take place in the bedroom, which is the crime scene, or the courtroom, where the murder case will be decided.

Rather, it takes place in the kitchen, and the characters are both men and women. Their analysis of the possible cause of Mr. Wright’s death helps the reader understand the gender divisions concerning the place of men and women.The kitchen is a female dominated space, and this is evident from the criticisms the male characters and the defence of the female characters regarding its state. The male characters feel that the poor state of the kitchen points to Mrs. Wright’s incapability, a notion that Mrs. Hale is quick to counter.

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The female characters came into the kitchen for investigative reasons only, and thus they are not concerned with the trifle matters of women. Women on the other hand came into the kitchen to look for ways of offering Mrs. Wright some comfort. Thus, they are not expected to contribute to the investigation, which is the public sphere dominated by men. Glaspell however shows that the female characters’ investigative skills are better since they pay attention to the trifle matters.