Sample Literature Essays On The Great Gatsby Book

Homework Question on The Great Gatsby Book

1.Heading should include the chapter number and page numbers.

2. Paragraph One: Write at least a three sentence chapter summary.

3. For each chapter choose a different character/place/event to focus on for the following (pick ONE of the three). Then:

  1. Name the character/place/event
  2. Choose a line/sentence the best represents the character/place/event, citing in MLA style (Fitzgerald 122).
  3. Write one sentence why you chose this character/place/event.

4. Paragraph Two: Write at least two sentences of your personal response here. There are no right or wrong answers. What did you like? Dislike? Inferences for the next chapter??

5. Choose one quote from a character that stood out to you. Then write one sentence: Why did it stand out? What do you think the quote means?

Homework Answer on The Great Gatsby Book

Chapter one introduces Nick Carraway, the narrator of the story, who has just moved to the East and is living on the wealthy (new money) West Egg. Nick comes from a modest and middle working class background. In the chapter, we are introduced to Nick (his background), Daisy Buchanan (his cousin), her husband Tom, Jay Gatsby (neighbor) and Jordan Baker (professional golfer and Daisy’s friend).

Character: Nick Carraway

‘Just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had’ (Fitzgerald 3). Nick represents morality and impartiality in a story marred with irresponsibility and moral decadence.

Chapter one informs the reader about the journey in the book by introducing all the characters and their affiliation. The chapter also creates suspense for the second chapter.Homework Help

Chapter 2, pages 26-43

Chapter 2 elaborates more on Tom’s fiery and immoral character by introducing Myrtle, his ‘fleshy’ mistress married to the ‘spiritless’, and poor George Wilson. This chapter also depicts the state of affairs in the dense land beyond New York, demonstrated by the billboard. Violence is portrayed when Tom breaks Myrtle’s nose. The chapter has a curious ending that seems to suggest homoeroticism.