Sample Literature Essays On The Book “On Killing”

Homework Question on The Book “On Killing”

  1. Critically review On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society by LTC Dave Grossman as it pertains to military leadership.
  2. Within the review, indicate what major questions the book addressed, what ground is covered, what the major conclusions are, what other experts in the field have offered regarding similar topics, how well the author presents the information, and a recommendation for potential readers on the book’s value to the subject matter.
  • The standard length for each review is 4-5 pages, double-spaced, single sided.
  • All reviews are expected to conform to the normal style guidelines associated with APA.

Homework Answer on The Book “On Killing”

Book Title: On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society

The book On Killing expounds on the psychological costs such as trauma and loss to the whole society for training a soldier to kill. The psychological costs in this case retail around individual initial decision on natural resistance to kill a fellow human being. Based on the recent research, the decision by soldiers to kill has raised mixed reactions, and this is the basis of Grossman’s argument. On this context, Grossman believes that newly trained soldiers and the untrained individuals are dismayed by the fact that they cannot stand to support their failures and cause of failure, cannot defend their nation and fellows because of fear and memories that might haunt them at one particular in time.

This means that in training camps, militaries invest a lot of time and money just to curb the fear, and also enhance individual ability to shoot and kill a fellow human being.Based on the mentioned areas, the work by Grossman addresses important points like training a soldier to shoot and kill and also the needs to destroy emotional inhibition among soldiers so that a soldier remains free to kill without psychologically being affected. This would even mean introducing other mechanisms and tactics that will allow modern soldiers to kill effectively.

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In this line of training, Grossman based his argument of one key motive, which includes deconstructing the soldier while dehumanizing an enemy. This is because in most cases, the authority demands in most military commands train their soldiers on how to kill without inhibition or other factors like fear.Other than the mentioned areas Grossman addresses issues of predisposition, the attractive nature of the victim and what a person stands to benefit by killing the enemy.