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Homework Question on Rowlandson

  • Read “Reply to the Missionary Jacob Cram” by Red Jacket (Norton 229-231) and “Speech at Detroit” by Pontiac (Norton 222-224).
  • Post at least one thoughtful response
  1. In the narrative Rowlandson changes her mind from wanting to just be killed to wanting to be taken alive if the Indians were to capture her. She states that she rather have the chance to survive and tell her story than just die. Why do you think she initially wanted to be killed if captured by the Indians?
  2. Secondly, in different circumstances, I think I have been through decisions like this. Times where you can’t study anymore for a final, but find a sudden burst of courage? Or working out and can’t complete another rep, but find inner strength and continue on? If so, what caused your change in mind? Pride? The ability to say, I did it plus one more? The chance for success?

Homework Answer on Rowlandson

The efforts put up by Rowlandson to ensure that she survives and entangles herself from captivity are instigated by her need to restore civilization and freedom to her without possibly submitting to the ill treatments she receives from Indians. She further intends to achieve personal dependability since she believes that divine providence and the grace that operates within her comes from God. The Indians initial attempt to kill Rowlandson are instigated by the need her increasing move to create awareness of savagery by the Indians and the attack she stages on Lancaster which is seen as a major threat to the prowess of the Indians.

Your statement comes in handy with what any other individual could state concerning how difference circumstances lead to making informed decisions but later end up regretting why you made that particular decision. Though courage is an important virtue, it sometimes makes us overestimate our capabilities as we give ourselves false courage and feel that we on top of every situation that we encounter. As you suggest, pride has a role in determine an individual’s character and reaction towards different life phenomenon, just like Rowlandson took a bold step in desisting the Indians from creating harm on her and boldly declaring that if its death she would put up everything to ensure her survival so as to be able to tell her story from her personal perspective.

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Personal pride doesn’t allow us to do some activities but gives us the ability to express ourselves in a manner that befits us. It always makes us to do more than we expected by going a notch higher than we designated. It also enables us to grab opportunities as they arise since we are empowered to make our own informed choices.