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Homework Question on “Oh Captain my Captain”

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Homework Answer on “Oh Captain my Captain” 

Poems are acts of self-expression. More often than not there are deep emotional connections to the weaving of metaphors, words, rhyming patterns, figurative language and imagery to evoke feelings. The poem ‘Oh Captain My Captain’ is one of the creative, emotional and freely floating compositions (Walt 262-263).In the poem, Oh Captain my Captain, metaphor is extensively used by the poet to portray the aftermath effects of the American Civil War and the assassination of the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, who is referred to as the captain in this poem.

It is an excellent sample of elegy types of the poem given that it is a tribute to the fallen hero. The ship being referred to in the poem is the United States of America. The first line in the first stanza sets the mood, a relief on the fact that the war has just come to an end,” the accomplishment of the fearful trip.” The presiding line is about the ship, America and how it has weathered the civil war storm, and the prize is the achievement of the captain in preserving the Union.

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The following lines and stanzas express a jubilant mood mixed with sorrow “the people are exulting. “ The next lines change the mood once more as it refers to the ship’s grimness and the war’s darker sides where most people lost their lives. Throughout the poem, there is a rhyme scheme in “O Captain! My Captain! Some examples of alliteration are in lines 10 “flag is flung” and in 19 “safe and sound.” There are a lot of repetitions as well like “O Captain! My Captain” and fallen cold and dead” (Walt 262-263).