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The analysis of ‘Lady hawke’ should focus less on telling me the plot and more on telling me how and why the main character grows up. What is it about the revelation or journey that resonates with him, etc.

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Ladyhawke is a fictional story that features Philippe Gaston, a youthful thief who is nicknamed “The Mouse.” Philippe was incarcerated in the dungeons of Aquila, but managed to escape through the sewers. When the Bishop of Aquila pursued Philippe through his guard, Philippe is saved by Navarre, who is assisted by a hawk to eliminate the guards. According to Giffney and Hird, Navarre and his hawk would disappear as the sunsets, and during the night, a wolf would emerge, accompanied by a beautiful lady, Isabeau (173).

The film raises the theme of fantasy, where characters change from humans into animals at different times, but the main theme is love, which made Navarre and Isabeau experience their current situation Philippe is quite confused by Navarre’s actions, since they were not related. Philippe the Mouse came to learn that the Bishop, whom he had escaped from, had cursed Navarre and Isabeau because they were lovers (Wilson 334).

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While Isabeau is turned into a hawk during the day and return to human being at night, Navarre is forced to become a wolf at night and a human being during the day. This implied that the two lovers would never meet as human beings at any one time unless the Bishop of Aquila breaks the curse. On the other hand, Philippe is now a free man, who can be sought for help.