Sample Literature Essays On Julia

Homework Question on Julia

  • Pre-write one paragraph for the following prompt (though step five of Crafting an Essay):
  • Is Julia witty and heroic or careless and foolhardy in her desire to rebel against the Party?
  • Include seven quotations from the book for this.

  Homework Answer on Julia

Julia is described in the book, 1984 by George Orwell, as a cunning person of pure sexuality with survival instincts. She pretends to be a zealous party member but her unchecked desires to satisfy her selfish needs ends up ruining her later in the book. She uses every means possible to achieve her desires including sleeping with party members before she met Winston she tells him that she did it hundred times….with party members.

She lures Winston by writing to him I love you note to him after fallowing him and gaining his attention. Julia doesn’t sleep with the party members just to enjoy intimacy and sex, but she understands it; sex talks once a month for the over sixteen.When she teams up with Winston her goals remain the same, to satisfy her selfish desires and not to destroy the party, they enjoy making love; I adore it.Her selfish desires are echoed by Winston when he shouts to her; all you care about is yourself. It can be said that Julia is witty on her schemes to rebel against the party.

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She doesn’t allow herself to be entangled in the confusions she causes among members, including Winston. She manages to remain steadfast in her quest and even when Winston is getting emotional about the party crumbling down, she is not affected by the down fall.she gives hope to Winston when he really needs it don’t you enjoy being alive?