Sample Literature Essays On Economic Perspective to the Gwangju Uprising

Homework Question on Economic Perspective to the Gwangju Uprising

  • Please by watching the film “May 18 (Kim Ji-hun, 2007. 120 min.) ” and reading “Ahn, J. (2003). The Socio-Economic Background of the Gwangju Uprising. New Political Science, 25(2), 159 – 176.” and answer these three questions.

There are two important scene in the movie is important and critical.

  1. First scene is at the middle of the movie, when the god father said that American army will help them, and need them to hold five days,the caption disagree, he said american are not coming for their benefit, the truth is that caption is right,they all die why does american take five days to arrive, what are the American army doing in those five days?
  2. Second scene is in the last. The film shows a wedding party picture. and in this picture.all the people which are smiling are dead. the only one that survived at last which is Son Ye-jin(the female main character ) is unhappy. question is why is Son Ye-jin unhappy?one hit is the Son ye jin represented the one who alive and others are represented the one dead for honor. those two scene, please make certain connection with the article.
  3. Last one is by reading the article, for the argument in the article , do you agree or disagree?support your answer.

Homework Answer on Economic Perspective to the Gwangju Uprising

The 1980 Gwangju Uprising remains an important part of South Korean history. The uprising, which was led by students and the Gwangju citizens, came from the need to open the democratic space in the capitalist country. Media outlets have brought up numerous perspectives on the causes and implications of the uprising to the current status of the South Korean nation. Numerous studies and films have also come up to give different perspectives of the uprising. The 2007 May 18 by Kim Ji-hun is one of the films that shows the happenings of the 1980 Gwangju Uprising. This essay looks into some of the scenes that defined the moment during the uprising.

Scene One:

The film May 18 shows the godfather having optimism that the Americans are coming to rescue them after five days (Kim, 2007).

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The caption disagrees that Americans were not coming to offer any help but for their own benefit. It turns out that the Americans have failed to reach in time in order to offer the much needed help, confirming the fears held by the caption; they all die. Americans had a role to play in the uprising in Gwangju, owing to the relationship the Korean administration had with them. It is important to note that Americans had a serious economic and military relationship with the dictatorial and capitalist regime.