Sample Literature Essays On Behavioral Styles

Homework Question on Behavioral Styles

  1. Identify your behavior style by taking one (or both) of the following behavioral self-assessment questionnaire.Human Metrics Similar Minds Write a 1 or 2 paragraph reflection on the results.
  2. Do you agree with the result? Why or why not? If you took both tests, did they produce different results?
  3. What are some specific examples of your behavior that match your defined behavioral style?
  • Learn about one other behavior style. Share specific ways in which you may have to adapt to this behavior style in order to create effective communication.
  • Share this information in a paragraph, table, or other creative form.

Homework Answer on Behavioral Styles

After taking the test on behavior style, the behavior is analytical. I partially agree with these results. Hence never took an extra test. This is because the results have partially defined the behavior style. The results were moderate of introversion over extraversion; there was slight intuition over sensing. Feelings had a high preference over thinking and perception had a higher preference over judging. As an analyst, I take longer to come up with a decision.

This however does not mean that I am judgmental or indecisive. I am very particular with accuracy and details. After getting the correct feedback, I feel so much satisfied with myself. This trait was missed in the test. That is why I am partially satisfied with the outcome. I am usually critical to details and rarely use the gut feelings. These were somehow misunderstood in the test.Examples of the behaviors that match the analytical behavior style are the potential to collect and evaluate the information derived.

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I am persistent and would always take extra time to ensure that the outcome is perfect. Orderliness and accuracy are key to my work. Drivers behavior style is one of the behavior styles. These people are perfect in getting things done around organizations. They are focused on results and inspired by the goals set. Most of the drivers are the institutions’ managers and top leaders. They are good at managing time and achieving the goals. They can thus hurt people unknowingly with their quest.