Sample Literature Essay Paper on Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver’s Travels

            Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan swift is a story about the encounter of the writer and the Lilliputians as it paints the picture of the circumstances that led the writer to find himself as an ‘invader’ in the land of Lilliput. Notably, it is the harsh circumstances or rather desperation to save his life after the unfavorable encounter in the sea that made him end up in Lilliput’s territory. The writer clearly talks of how he gained conscious only to find himself surrounded and tied to make sure he could not escape. From this happenings, it is clear that the Lilliputians had never seen such a ‘big’ creature and they thought the writer was a threat and an invader with malicious intentions (Swift, pg. 7).

            My opinion of the Lilliputians changed from harsh and ruthless to kind, friendly and concerned. This is attributed by the fact that the Lilliputians at first treated the writer harshly and even attacked him with arrows, tied him and limited his movement. However, as time passed they showed kindness, and even concern and that will to help and keep the writer in good and favorable conditions/environment. This is clearly shown by the fact that they gave the writer enough food and liquor when he signified to them by putting a finger in his mouth that he was hungry (swift, pg8-9). Their act of kindness is also relevant when they carry the writer with the machine they themselves made for the sake of carrying him with dignity. By choosing not to kill the writer in the first place is in itself is a sign of kindness and humanity. They instead chose to carry the writer, keep him alive and learn who or ‘what ‘he is.

            I am of the opinion that the Lilliputians are organized people with great respect to their leaders. Unlike in the beginning of the story where one can perceive that they are just a group of disorganized militia. This is eminent as the writer portrays how the army at occasions could be on standby and also showing how the emperor gave orders which were strictly adhered to(Swift 13-22). The Lilliputians also emerge to be appreciative people as the writer was conferred with high title of honor after successfully stopping a war the empire and t e island of Blefuscu (Swift, pg24). Moreover, I hold the opinion that that the Lilliputians are just and follow the rule of law. This is eminent when they were discussing on what to do with the writer and they considered some factors among killing him. However, they decided not to kill him and they were even amused more when the writer spared the lives of the six soldiers who he was given a node to punish but decided to spare them.

            In the reference to the writer’s encounter with the Lilliputians, their relationship changed from foes or strangers to friends. This was attributed by the fact that at the beginning the author was treated as a stranger with low if not none human dignity. As time passed, he was treated well and even some people were tasked to teach him their local language to enhance communication. Their friendly and human nature is expressed all through as the author not at any one time went hungry or thirsty. Food and water was provided regardless the fact that he was’ too big’ and consumed much (Bloom,pg 47-51).

                In conclusion, I hold the view that the Lilliputians were friendly, concerned, kind and magnanimous people based on how they treated the author all through.

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