Sample Literature Essay Paper on American Literature

American Literature

As one navigates through the book, we are presented with an inspirational piece filled with affectionate pathos that one can easily relate to and compare with personal experiences. The author tries to inspire his audience by involve both art and class in ensuring that the audience gets the message being passed across. A notable example of this is the case of the corporate monster where Wolfe receives little wages that cannot aide him meet his basic necessities as well as achieve his long term goal of becoming a successful sculptor

The company guests are discussing on which best method they can help Wolfe, money is seen as the main problem as they state that it can cure all the diseases in the world. The entire article tries to analyze how money is indeed a determinant in the current capitalistic economy as it’s the main hindrance towards enabling Wolfe achieve his lifelong dream. Though an individual might have the probable expertise, it’s difficult to achieve a life dream.

At the end of it the guests are not able to assist Wolfe due to capitalism which provides an embrace of reduced or lower pay for the sake of gaining greater profits as the author insinuates that this is a corrupt system as only a few individuals benefit as a great population is engaging in peasantry.  It is further observed that only a few uncivilized and dreamless individuals are up to manipulate their peers since they got the financial muscles as they base on the dreams of others who are weakened in particular ways such as lack of the finances to stir them to success.

The narration is thrilling enabling a reader to relate the events portrayed in the reading with ease.