Sample Literature Essay Paper on A Message to the Greek Warriors

Information is an important fighting tool that enables conflicting parties to establish a battle strategy and a plan of countering an enemy. The use of information as a fighting tool is traced back many years ago which describe the pre-historic times among people. In this context, however, a keen discussion is made on the Trojan War which was intended to hand over Helen back to Athens. Helen was a beautiful lady who attracted suitors across modern-day Greece and Turkey.

It is important for the Greek Warriors to understand several facts about Helen and her circles of suitors who fight for her hand in marriage. To begin with, Helen is considered a beautiful lady whose social class would attract imminent men such as kings and princes (Flores, 433). Even in current times, beautiful women attract men with a social standard such as economic wealth, political status or social influence. The Greek Warriors need to understand that a different suitor of Helen from Greece is waging a man-to-man war which can escalate to extreme level involving mass murder and genocide cases.

The Trojans cannot handover Helen to a Greek Suitor despite the fact that she is from Greece. Pre-historic social conflicts would be politically interpreted with death decisions made by the then ruling authorities such as Kings and Princes. Consequently, the Greek Warrior should also escalate their war strategy as a means of proving to the world the Athens was the then richest city across the world (Flores, 434). Trojan warriors cannot hand over Helen without putting up a fight to protect the King and his efforts of being with a companion who choses love over forced marriage.

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