Sample Literature Essay on Imaginary Pet

Homework Question on Imaginary Pet

A 3-paragraph story about a real or imaginary pet with proper punctuation and capitalization.

Make sure all of these steps are completed before submitting your Revise and Edit Writing, Part 2

  1.  Open a new Microsoft Word document.
  2.  In the top left corner of your document, type your name, today’s date, your teacher’s name, and the activity name.
  3.  From the AutoCorrect Options box, uncheck the auto-capitalize boxes.
  4.  Write a 3-paragraph story about a real or imaginary pet.
  5.  Use no capital letters and no punctuation.
  6.  Ask your learning coach to read, review, and help you edit your story.
  7.  Proofread, edit, and correct the mistakes in your story. 
  8.  Save the revised and final copy of your story that includes proper punctuation and capitalization

Homework Answer on Imaginary Pet

Not many cats prefer to sit on the sofa and watch cartoons, but my pet called Pat is of a different kind. Pat is just six months old, but it seems like she has been in our house for years. She knows where her food is kept, and you could meet her at the door, dragging her plate to the kitchen to plead with anyone who is there for more food. After filling her stomach, she always lays on the sofa watching her favorite program. Surprisingly, Pat does not tolerate commercial breaks.

I got this cutie from my friend who lives a mile from us. He gave me her as a gift because he knew I loved these animals. I know how to take care of them, since we had other cats in the house before. Pat became a household name immediately after two months, as she developed a habit of squeezing everyone’s feet when we relaxed in the sitting room watching TV, or during a chat. She is quite friendly, and will always pick something on the table or on the floor, hoping that someone would join her for a play.

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I realized that Pat loved cartoons when I tuned our TV to News, but later got bored and switched to cartoons. The cat stopped what she was doing and sat comfortably on the sofa. It was Scooby Doo time, and she could not help but move her head up and down, as Scooby Doo exhibited his funny character. When the program was over, Pat fell asleep, but I could see her maneuvering her head like Scooby. From that time on, I always ensured that Pat watched her favorite cartoons.