Sample Leadership Studies Paper on Transformational leadership style

Question 1 (500 – 600 words)

  1. Short literature review on the following leadership styles:
    1. Transformational leadership style
    2. Strategic leadership style
  2. Analyze the role of leaders in changing the culture in the XY organization– adopting these two styles.
  3. Very short paragraph on organization learning culture.
  4. Consider the effectiveness of leadership in fostering a learning culture.


Question 2: (600 – 700 words)

  1. Literature review on the following leadership styles and how they are used to change the organization culture:
    1. Ethical leadership
    2. Situational leadership
    3. Coaching leadership


  1. Suggest and recommend how the first two (Ethical and situational) can be implemented in XY organization with justification adding examples of:
  • How these styles are implemented in other big companies in the same industry.


Question 3: (300 – 400 words)

  1. 2 paragraphs on how authentic leadership style can build strong culture in XY company (No literature review or style definition is required).
  2. Develop strategies to minimize the threat of a weak organizational culture in XY company.




Write an introduction about XY company in one paragraph only.


XY company is ADNOC Abu Dhabi National Oil Company in UAE (United Arab Emirates)


Introduction not to mention the company name only refer to it as XY company, as well as in the paper.