Sample Leadership Studies Paper On An Effective Communications Plan

Homework Question on An Effective Communications Plan

Reference to be utilized: Kloppenborg, T., Shriberg, A., & Venkatraman, J. (2004). Project leadership. Vienna, VA: Management Concepts, Inc. Laufer, A. (2012). Mastering the leadership role in project management: Practices that deliver remarkable results. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall-Pearson. Lewis, J. (2003). Project leadership. Boston: McGraw-Hill.

  • Please be sure to answer the questions completely and avid a great deal of misspellings and grammatical errors. Imagine that your company has purchased new software to reduce time in calculating customers’ accounts.
  • Determine the components of a well-defined communications plan that may be used to minimize this risk of implementing the new software.
  • Recommend three actions that the project manager should take to establish rapport and effective communications with all team members.

Homework Answer on An Effective Communications Plan

Good communication is paramount in every organization because it is what will help in marketing its products and determine the effectiveness of a particular product that it has purchased. For instance, having new software that would reduce time in calculating the account customer requires effective communication plan for it to be fully effective in the organization.

The interaction of this specific technology and the company can only be possible through good communication because it will determine the user participation and the way in which they get involved in this new technology. The project managers always take part in the planning on how the software is to be used in the company. They also help in mitigating the anticipated risks involving the use of the software that may prevent it from achieving its success in the organization.

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The components of a well-defined communications plan that may help in minimizing any risks of implementing the new software include: measurable strategies and goals on the way in which the software is to be used. It is important that the strategies be clear and specific to avoid miscommunication that may lead to poor performance.