Sample Leadership Studies On Transformational Leadership

Homework Question on Transformational Leadership

  • This is instruction: Pick a leader who you believe is transformational (except John F Kennedy who we will discuss in class).
  1. Analyze this person’s leadership effectiveness using the transformational perspective.
  2. Although you use the person as a foundation on which to discuss transformational leadership, your goal should be to show your expertise with this leadership perspective, not to write a biography about the person.
  3. Your paper should have four distinct sections for each of the four factors of transformational leadership.
  4. You should write Walt Disney And just need to write two transformational leadership: Idealized Influence and Inspirational Motivation.

Homework Answer on Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is a practice whereby a person connects with others and forms a relationship that elevates the level of enthusiasm and morality in both the manager and the follower. This kind of leader pays special attention to the needs and intentions of followers and endeavors to help followers attain their maximum potential. Transformational leadership concentrates on helping followers to develop themselves while at the same time helping them to get to their maximum potential.

This paper focuses on the two elements of transformational leadership that were applied by an American leader Walter Disney. While using Individualized consideration as an element of transformational leadership Walter closely observed his employees and served as a coaching figure by supporting them when needed. Walter also applied Inspirational motivation by working together, communicating greatly with employees, stirring them through motivation to become dedicated, and a part of a collective vision.

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Beginning from the start of his profession as an animator until the last projects he supervised, Disney had a great sense of excellence in all that he did. Through the combination of creativeness and innovation into his thoughts, he produced the highest quality of entertainment. Disney’s successes can be accredited to his personal drive and passion to produce a better-quality product. While initially he may not have been the finest leader, Disney undoubtedly demonstrated the major elements of transformational leadership.