Sample Leadership Studies Essays On The Concept of Total Leadership

Homework Question on The Concept of Total Leadership and Its Intersection

  • Think back a few years …How was the concept of total leadership in evidence at your place of work–or was it? If your company didn’t show any evidence of total leadership, what might happen/ or did you think would happen if someone took steps to support and implement it? explain../discuss.
  • In addition, how do current policies and practices at your company that evidence total leadership affect your life, your capacity to act with authenticity as a leader, and your capacity to act with integrity as a leader?
  • In this paper you will discuss the concept of total leadership and its intersection (or lack of connection) with your company. The paper should be 3 pages NEED IT BY SUNDAY 5PM EASTERN TIME OK?

Homework Answer on The Concept of Total Leadership and Its Intersection

Many organizations today have embraced the concept of total leadership, which incorporates work with family needs, community needs, and individual needs.  Leaders have realized that people can enhance their performance in their workplaces if they can balance multiple domains that direct their lives. Total leadership has enabled leaders and their subordinates to learn how to direct all components of their lives and gain support for their vision concerning their future.

The total leadership process requires leaders to be real, honest, and innovative. Thus, modern leaders should embrace total leadership to enhance employee performance and to enable them become more competent in fulfilling individual and collective needs. A few decades ago, the concept of total leadership was a mystery to my current workplace. The term “leadership” was perceived to be synonymous to “management” where both terms meant having absolute authority over others. Managers relied on the knowledge they gained in education institutions to steer the company forward, rather than applying their visions and innovations.

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It took much effort and funds to realize change because managers relied on organizational culture to bring change. According to Atkinson and Mackenzie (2015), change can only occur where leaders hold much stronger position than managers, are capable of influencing events, and demonstrate personal mission with responsibility. Managers in this company lacked leadership qualities, thus, their strategy could not bring the desired change.