Sample Leadership Studies Essays On Organizational Leadership

Homework Question on Organizational Leadership and Motivation

  1. Identify an organizational problem or leadership issue. Explain how you would address/resolve the problem using leadership approaches, concepts, theories, and practices from the Northouse textbook and class material.
  • Your five (5-6) page research paper must be written APA style. Cite references.
  • Your Cover Page, Abstract, Reference list does not count toward the 5-6 page count.
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  • Your paper may include but not limited to the following topics:
  1. What is the organizational setting?
  2. Background of the situation.
  3. Identify the specific organizational problem or issue affecting productivity.Describe how productivity is affected.
  4. How would you resolve or address the organizational problem. Describe the leadership approach (s) that you would take. Give examples.

Homework Answer on Organizational Leadership and Motivation

At all times, the role of leadership and management in the organization can never be more emphasized in the currently dynamic and competitive business and operational environment. Factors that arise and need to be taken into account in organizational structure include globalization and progression towards more sustainability-based strategies as well as versatility in embracing new methods and technology.

It is in consideration of all these, that a company and the general population will observe that the leader in the organization tends to bear more responsibility and the burden of making the policies and plans of the company to not only be viable but also executable lies upon the authority. The workforce in the modern business arena comprises of people from different backgrounds, cultures and those who portray a variety temperaments.

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In addition to this, modern organizations are divided into sections and department to allow for efficiency and detailed working process. Apparently, it is upon the leadership, in this case to always have in mind the core values, goals, missions and visions as well as short and long term goals of the organization; such that the overall effect is to pool the groups together, enable them to work in harmony and congruency while ensuring that all the goals and plans are implemented as appropriate (Marquis & Huston, 2009).