Sample Leadership Studies Essays On Organizational Change

Homework Question on Failure of Organizational Change

  1. Briefly describe an organizational change effort which was not successful
  2. Identify the top 2-3 factors which, in your opinion, contributed to the failure to change and the impact of that failure (human, financial, etc.)
  3. What could have been done differently to contribute to a more positive outcome?

Homework Answer on Failure of Organizational Change

The NJ health care consulting company has faced the problem of lacking alignment and accountability. For years now, the lack of alignment and accountability in the health care company has affected the long-term success of the company. If a project does not account for the individual goals and objectives and the individuals are not held accountable for any results, this will not demand for the appropriate attention.

NJ healthcare company has focused on the strategic goals and objectives without the clear alignment between the productivity and goals that makes the workers more accountable (Fullan, 2014). NJ health care also lacks the right management systems and structures to enhance the planning of the various projects. The management systems are useful in assessing and evaluating the strengths of the company in providing appropriate actions to recommend changes for accountability and transparency.

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As a result, the change management efforts of providing strong alignment and accountability have failed in the NJ health care company.Three factors have lead to the failure to changes in NJ health care consulting company includes  the absence of leadership support,  inadequate systems and structures and the lack of control plans. Firstly, the absence of leadership support leads to unequal support and involvement of the employees and the managers.