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Homework Question on Moral Leadership

  1. Identify practical, everyday leaders you have known at various stages in your life, and then discuss how those leaders provided moral leadership that made a significant difference to an organization or group.
  2. You can focus on leaders you have known at work, in the community, or in another context, but be sure to discuss and assess the importance of the context for their moral leadership.
  3. Consider including at least one example from your childhood or from observance of children, as Coles does on several occasions in his book.

Homework Answer on Moral Leadership


Moral leadership involves leading people to realize the real conflict among competing values, the incoherence between behaviour and espoused values and the vital need for realignment in values, transformation of institution and change in behavior (Rhode, 2006). Leadership entails the ability to persuade people towards a certain objective. However, moral leadership engages a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and service.

Moral leaders portray servant leadership, in the sense that they does not wait to be served but rather, they comes out to serve others and act as an example in service (Rhode, 2006). Personal integrity is a key character among moral leaders. A moral leader is always engaged in developing his followers’ capacity so that they can become competent successors. The distinguishing aspect of a moral leader from other forms of leadership is the word “moral”, which indicates the ability so sieve the right from the wrong (Rhode, 2006).

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Moral Leaders

There are practical examples of moral leaders whom I have interacted with for a long time. The uniqueness of their leadership has influenced majority to accomplish great projects in both organizational and community level. Their exemplary behavior has seen them earn approval of all kinds of people and therefore making great influence in their leadership.