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  1. What is leadership and how it can enhance organizational performance: Globalization, global organizations and effective models of leadership for success in cross-cultural contexts

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This chapter starts by providing some background for this study, i.e. providing an overview for this study. After the background information, the problem statement follows, touching particularly on the problem for which this study offers a solution, i.e. the challenge of leadership on the global (cross-cultural) stage. Next will be the objectives of the study, i.e. the study’s suggested solutions, and finally, the significance of this study on leadership and/or even the contribution to research on globalization and leadership.

Background Information

Globalization has become a major factor for many actions and processes in the new millennium, be they political, social or having to do with business management. The language is that globalization has given birth to a global village; that the world has become one big nation where the differences between nations as well as their corresponding cultures are gradually diminishing and edge towards merging into one (House et al., 2002; Hopper, 2007; Choi, 2009; Abbas & Asghar, 2010).

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Maybe as evidence of this, many culturally protective nations (such as the Middle Eastern countries) have seen globalization as a danger to their cultures. Many of these countries have seen globalization as more of westernization rather than an equal cross-cultural diffusion of languages, values and beliefs (House et al., 2002; House & Javidan 2004; McCarthy, 2010). However, things are not as simple as they may sound. As the example above implies, a new form of cultural protectionism has emerged, so that the wave of globalization, as it may have been imagined, has somewhat stalled.