Sample Leadership Studies Essays On Effective Leaders

Homework Question on Effective Leaders

  1. Identify the five most effective leaders you can think of. The leaders can be living or dead and can be from any field such as: politics/government, human rights, sports, religion, business, etc.
  2. Identify and discuss the characteristics and traits that make each leader successful.
  3. Summarize the traits and characteristics that the five leaders have in common.
  4. Explain and discuss why these common traits and characteristics distinguish successful leaders from the rest.
  • Reference and research chapter 13 of the text.

Homework Answer on Effective Leaders


Leadership describes an act of social control through which an individual can recruit others’ assistance and support in meeting a common objective. On this note, a leader can be understood as someone who directs others in performing certain tasks intended to help accomplish a commonly shared goal. Murphy (2003) defines leadership as a cultured behavior that ultimately becomes habitual, automatic and unconscious after a certain period.

While no one can be born as an effective leader, people aspiring to become effective leaders ought to continuously work on their skills by studying how effective leaders think, act and feel. This assignment evaluates attributes shared by renowned world leaders to help understand the unique traits and characteristics that effective leaders have.

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Analyzing most effective leaders

Although a popular saying states that leaders are born rather than made, effective leadership is within everyone’s reach as anyone can learn the various traits that make effective leaders. Analyzing certain effective world leaders can help to understand the various unique traits that successful leaders share in common and how these traits distinguish them from unsuccessful leaders. Pope Francis is a renowned spiritual leader that anyone aspiring to become an effective leader can envy.