Sample Leadership Studies Essays On 360 Degree Feedback

Homework Question on 360 Degree Feedback

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of 360 degree feedback? If you were going to list the top three advantages of this methodology, what would they be.
  2. Compare and contrast the eight task-related leadership attitudes and behaviors with the seven relationship-oriented attitudes and behaviors from the DuBrin text. Which behaviors are in line with your own leadership style? Are there any behaviors that you wish you had?
  3. Use the assessment on page 122 of the DuBrin textbook and conduct a 360-degree feedback with a few colleagues, family members, or friends.
  • Be as thorough as possible and try and have a minimum of two individuals fill out the sheet. Fill out the sheet yourself and report any significant findings.

Homework Answer on 360 Degree Feedback


The use of 360-degree feedback exposes the company to certain advantages and disadvantages.  One of the disadvantages is organization. The use of 360-feedback degree mechanism helps in evaluating and improving the performance of the organizations. Since, the firm’s uses data obtained relating to feedback program to evaluate and monitor the parents for the employees within the organization (Denison, Kotrba, & Castaño, 2012).

Second, 360-degree feedback helps to identify the weaknesses of employees within the specific departments and organizations. Thirdly, 360-degree feedback promotes individual growth. The 360-feedback approach contains information that relates to the understanding of the individuals. Other advantages include improving interactions among the employees and their seniors due to the availability of information and guidelines.

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However, the 370-degree mechanism has several disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that employees would not be comfortable offering hottest information to the supervisors. This leads to the provision of dishonest feedback that affecting the evaluation of employees in the organizations. Another disadvantages is the need for consists interpretation. The different employees have different ways of interacts that affects the understanding of the employees (Schein, 2010).