Sample Leadership Studies Essay Paper on Judging the Moral Quality of Leadership in a Society

            It is commonly contested that it is impossible to come up with a set of standard ethical principles that across all populations. This argument commonly relies on the assertion that ethical principles ought to stem from an individual level. Nonetheless, the United Nations attempted to come up with a standard guideline for global leaders with the documentation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. While the effectiveness of this document in guiding leaders on the right way to lead people may be contestable, it is irrefutable that the document makes a proper attempt at providing a universal set of moral guidelines. When followed to the letter, these moral guidelines should be enough to inform people in positions of power on the right way to treat the people under their leadership. One lesson that can be attributed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is that by being able to judge the moral quality of leadership in one culture, it becomes possible to understand the right way humans should be universally treated.

            Universal morals should be governed by the prioritization of moral dignity of those who are served. In accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the human community constitutes of a family and for its sake, it is relevant to salvage the protection of freedom, justice, and peace (United Nations 1). It is the disregard for human rights that has led to barbarities that have happened through different wars in history (United Nations 2). It is through the rule of law that human rights should be protected. However, in the event that a regime is unable to protect the rights of its citizens, the people have the power to rebel against tyranny and oppression.

            I would use the existence or inexistence of this system of governance to judge the moral quality of leadership in any society. This is because moral leadership should cut across cultures and at no time should any citizen be denied the most basic of his/her human rights.

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