Sample Leadership Studies Coursework Paper on Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice and Leadership

Leadership Studies Course Review

            Leadership is a vital concept in world’s organizations today as changing social landscapes coupled with increased complexities within enterprises and governments have forced leaders to adopt diverse skills (Northouse, 2012). This paper will review the course “leadership studies” and important elements learned throughout the semester.

            Throughout the semester, I have learned numerous things pertaining leadership. One particularly useful lesson in this course is the importance of social architecture in an organization. Numerous organizations have failed due to the lack of a proper structural frame. Understanding the concepts and dimensions of social architecture has enabled me to grasp important perceptions on improving functioning of any enterprise. In addition, understanding the four frames that are useful in an organization: resource, political, structural and symbolic frames and how they effectively integrated in an organization has enhanced my grasp of leadership concepts. The classroom has inspired me to put these concepts into practice with the of improving my career and personal development.

            In addition, I can ascertain that lessons like leadership practice and particularly the case of an employee encountering problems on his first day in the textbook “Reframing Organizations” will improve my knowledge (Bolman & Deal, 2008).  During the course of the lesson, I have learned numerous concepts which I will use to understand why and how leadership anomalies cause organizational failure. As a result of the lessons learnt during this course I will change my approach when dealing with certain people in organizations. A good example is the story of Enron that collapsed due to lack of wisdom and inability to apply knowledge (Bolman & Deal, 2008). It is through practice that knowledge and wisdom can be tested.   


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