Sample Leadership Studies Coursework Paper on Critical Inquiry and Decision Making

Critical Inquiry and Decision Making

As human beings, we are constantly faced with situations where decisions have to be made. Certainly, we cannot evade the daunting task of making tough choices, as it is part of life. At this juncture of life, I have come to realize the importance of critical thinking as serving as an integral part and parcel of making wise decisions. Today, I strongly believe that critical thinking and proper decision making are important aspects in every realm and situation of a human being’s life. In the last seven weeks, I have been able to unravel a great amount of knowledge on why the African-American are in constant fear of being victims of police brutalities.

Initially, I always recognized police officers as our heroes and protectors. I viewed the police officers with high regards as I thought that they were doing a selfless act of patriotism. However, after doing this research work, my thoughts and perspectives on the police officers have shifted as the reality continues to get clearer than ever before. Over the recent years, African-Americans have faced the worst form of treatment from the police officers who ought to be just and fair. According to US Bureau of Statistics, the population of African-Americans who have been violently treated by the police officers is twice the number of the Whites who have also faced the same devastating situation. This insightful information made me realize the rot that exists in our own security department. In fact, during the seven weeks of learning, I realized that indeed, racial discrimination is a persistent and prevalent disease that is ailing not only the security department but also the entire nation. Ironically, the police officers who are meant to promote peace and unity are today causing a lot of disruption and tension among the African-American citizens who continue to live in fear of being future victims of police brutalities. Even though police brutality is a persistent problem that continues to instill fear among the African American citizens, no one seems to be courageous enough to publicly address this problem. In fact, the attempts made by a few activists to address such fears have been responded with a deaf ear from the public who have turned a blind eye on the increasing cases of police brutalities. Additionally, a vast majority of people have developed a misconception of the African-Americans trait, as they are regarded as being the most violent people whose source of living arises from an array of criminal activities. At first, I also perceived most African-Americans as violent people. However, after critically thinking, I realized that I was misinformed just like the rest of the White American citizens. I failed to figure out the root cause of what may result to a young African-American joining a criminal gang. During this seven-week learning process, I did a comprehensive analysis of what might actually lead to the African-American being dubbed as a criminal. First and foremost, most of the African-Americans are currently living in economically deprived environments where they are exposed to so many vices while at their tender ages. Due to poverty, most of the young African-Americans are forced to join into criminal gangs so as to make ends meet. Even though a large number of African-American citizens earn a source of living under just and fair means, the police officers would always find it easy to accuse them of indulging in criminal activities.

One of the incidences that describe a pure case of police brutality involved two men; a White man and an African American man who were both driving on the wrong side of the road. The traffic police officer who was on the lookout stopped both men. However, I was astonished to see the police officer physically forcing out the African-American man out of the vehicle and pinning him straight on the wall. Although the African-American man was willing to cooperate, he was not given any chance to express himself. On the other hand, the White man was treated differently as he was allowed to slowly walk out of his car. I was perplexed when I saw the police officer having a relaxed conversation with the White man after which the police officer was given some money so as to rest the case. It did not take long for the police officer to free the White man who then drove off leaving the hapless African-American man in the hands of an unjust police officer. Like in most criminal incidences where both the White and African-American man are assumed to be involved, the police officers would always find it easy to label the African-American as the first crime suspect.

In conclusion, I have come to realize that our country’s security department does not fight for the rights of the minority who are living amongst us. Racial discrimination has worsened over time as it has infiltrated the security department which ought to protect each and every citizen of America in spite of the differences in race, religion or even background. The police officers have dismissed their own values and code of conduct as they choose to be more harmful than harmless to the African-American community. Thus, there is need to address this dreadful matter of police brutality so as to remind the Americans that indeed, diversity is our strength and not an aspect of causing disunity.