Sample Leadership Paper On URAC Accreditation

Homework Question on Developing A plan to Develop a plan to gain accreditation.

  • Your department head knows that you are in a graduate program and has volunteered your service to Dr. Strong, the head of the department that deals with accreditation and licensure in your facility. Dr. Strong has asked you to develop a plan to gain accreditation for a new facility that your organization is opening.
  • The plan needs to include the following:
  1. What accreditation does the facility need?
  2. Why is accreditation, specifically this accreditation, important?
  3. How long will it take? You should justify why it will take this amount of time.
  4. What resources will be needed?
  5. How much will it cost? Direct costs (actual dollars paid out and impact on revenue and expenses if the facility is not accredited and/or licensed)
  6. Your conclusions and comments The plan should include written discussions for items 1, 2 and 6.
  • You may utilize tables, bulleted lists, and/or timelines for items 3, 4 and 5 if you feel that you can do a better job of presenting the information in this format rather than in paragraph form. If you do use lists, etc., make sure that you provide enough discussion so that the reader understands what the list, etc. is telling them.
  • Include a minimum of 4-5 references (you may utilize the scholarly/peer reviewed articles, professional journal articles, and accreditation/licensure websites).

Homework Answer on Developing A plan to gain URAC Accreditation

 Goal: To help students who drop out of college as a result of drug addiction to transform their lives and continue with their studies.

Plan: Establish a drug rehabilitation facility and equip it with the necessary equipment and qualified personnel to help students change their addiction problems and concentrate on their academics. This will increase the quality of education and promote competitiveness of the institution.

Background Information on Accreditation

According to Mays (2004), accreditation is always a voluntary program whereby qualified external reviewers assess a healthcare institution’s compliance and compare the institution with pre-established performance standards. Establishment of the facility will be designed to help the addicted students to not only cleanse their bodies but also enable them learn how to cope with the addiction. The objective of this paper is to develop a plan to gain URAC Accreditation for the newly introduced Drug Rehab and Rehabilitation facility. URAC is a non-profit organization that aims at promoting health care equality by accrediting healthcare institutions.

Homework Help

According to Montagu (2003), the organization’s accreditation process involves the review of procedures and policies and visiting the organization to find out if, indeed, it operates according to the policies it states. Once the applicant organization successfully passes the URAC review, URAC offers accreditation valid for two to three years from which the institution must undergo the review process again. If URAC finds that the organization is not operating according to the stated policies, it revokes the accreditation of the organization.