Sample Leadership Essays On Strategic Planning

Homework Question on Strategic Planning

  1. Discuss how strategic planning and the business case have relevance to projects or do they?
  2. Consider this topic through the lens of a project manager and also consider how organizational strategies and business objective influence how projects are selected and managed.
  3. Also look at how the level of support from upper management can impact a project, the project team, and resources.

Homework Answer on Strategic Planning

Strategic planning involves defining a particular strategy and then deciding on how to allocate various resources to act on the strategy. Then again, projects need strategic plans so that an organization or business can enhance its performance by ensuring maximum returns for their shareholders. A project manager has to employ a strategic plan to analyze the possible values of potential projects, after which the projects are implemented at various levels of the company to reflect the goals of the strategies (DyReyes, 2008). This then depicts the strategic relevance plans have to projects.

Strategies and business objectives are meant to facilitate analysis of the business environment and project situation so that the best decisions can be made.  A project manager would be able to select a project after a consideration that they meet the set objectives and if it goes along with the strategies. A disconnect between objectives of the project and project selection will often lead to failure of that project.

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This has then led to the technique of project portfolio management whereby an organization is able to make a choice of viable projects out of the available project options in order to deliver maximum returns (Turner, 2014). Nevertheless, project managers and their teams need the support of the senior management to enhance the success of their projects. A project can be completed successfully if it is backed up by all the required resources; financial, capital and human resources.