Sample Leadership Essays On Project Management

Homework Question on Project Management

  1. Describe your current or past organization’s organizational structure.
  2. Frame your response in a holistic way where you not only discuss the structure, but also address how this structure impacts projects and project managers (i.e. what authority does a pm have? / how does the pm obtain resources?).
  3. Address whether you think this structure is beneficial or whether another type would be better.

Homework Answer on Project Management

In the past five years, I was working with KenTech Communications Company, a firm that sells mobile network and broadband services. The company operated under a simple organizational structure with the Chief Executive Officer as the highest ranking official, followed by the general manager, and then the departmental managers; marketing, finance, human resource, and legal.

However, besides the general manager, there was a project manager who took responsibility for all projects in all the departments. This, therefore, formed a pure project organization whereby the departments as the functional areas provided support to the project manager.The main authority of the project manager is to take the overall responsibility of the organizational projects (Turner, 2014).

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This was the case at KenTech, and he was also mandated to set up a sufficient project team in a full-time capacity to facilitate the projects. Nevertheless, the project manager needed a myriad of resources to engage in the presented projects. Therefore, he could obtain resources such as human capital and finance from the organizational departments with the help of the head of the departments. However, the project manager had to seek permission from the general manager to obtain the resources required from the various departments.