Sample Leadership Essays On Impact of Technology on Education

Homework Question on Impact of Technology on Education

  • Write an analysis on the impact of technology on education today. Begin your work on this assessment by completing these three steps:
  •  Read the 2012 library article, “The Crisis in Higher Education,” by Nicholas Carr, if you have not yet done so. This article is linked in the Resources for this assessment under the Library Resources heading.
  •  Conduct your own research about the impact of the Internet on education and see what you can find.
  • Critically evaluate the information that you find, identifying at least three sources, including the Carr article, that you will use in your analysis.
  •  Then address the following in a well-organized, 2–3 page written analysis. Do not simply list each bulleted item followed by your response; rather, analyze the sources that you have reviewed, addressing these points:
  1. Describe the main issues, as far as finance and technology, facing education today.
  2. Analyze what the future may hold for education, supporting your work with APA formatted citations. (Use at least three sources, including the Carr article.)
  3. Analyze the future implications of a global environment on higher education.
  4. Analyze the implications for education and the way education will function in the future.
  5. Evaluate potential ethical questions raised by this vision of the future.

Homework Answer on Impact of Technology on Education  

The impact of technology on education has been tremendous in the recent past. In fact, technology has enhanced the transfer of knowledge from the teachers to students in the 21st century. The upsurge in the use of technology in the learning institutions has been necessitated by globalization and the reduction in the prove of the internet and technologically enhanced devices.Intergration of technology in education has enabled students to learn at their convenient time and space without necessarily coming to the classroom (Carr 2012).

Advancement in technology has revolutionalized the way educators organize teaching and learning activities. According to Xiao and Maria (2012) Incorporation of ICT in the institutions of learning has enhanced access to learning resources. Furthermore, technology has also facilitated the integration of Technology enhanced learning programs, which plays a pertinent role in complementing the conventional teaching strategies.

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Despite the gains realized in the use of technology in education, it is worth noting that the technology cannot replace the teacher but should be a learning aid that stimulates learning. Access to education has been another milestone of integrating ICT in the education system. Learners who could previously not access higher education due to remoteness or geographical distance can now enjoy same learning opportunities just like the on campus students.