Sample Law Research Paper On Law,Politics and the Common Good

Homework Question on Law,Politics and the Common Good.

  • The paper should address the pros and cons of lawyers taking on political roles in our government and whether lawyers are the best choice as political representatives.
  • References to important lawyer presidents and politicians is key, along with the positive and negative results of their actions on the American people and or culture.
  • Comparing the benefits of non-lawyer politicians and their contributions to those of known lawyer politicians would help to flesh out this idea.
  • *It is especially important to talk about Statistics about the number of lawyer: presidents, congress and house members, number of founding fathers should be included.
  • The more sources included the better.
  • Provide a brief overview of the American legislative system and make reference to how the two party system is similar in ways to our judicial adversarial system.

Homework Answer on Law,Politics and the Common Good.

Are lawyers the Best Representatives for the American Political System?

American political system is the most vibrant, well-planned, vigorous, and most followed political system worldwide. This is highlighted by the fact that almost every person in the world is aware of the people vying for top political position in the United States. In the past two presidential elections the American political system has been in the spotlight for being led for the first time ever by a non-native American (Kollman 8).

The prominence of the current US president Barack Obama however, has little or no association with his ethnic background, but rather to his profession, which is law. Nevertheless, Obama’s rise to prominence and his venture into American politics can largely be attributed to him being a lawyer. This said, it noteworthy that a significant number of American politicians are lawyers, although this is one of the professions that politicians rarely attribute their political success to, especially in television debates.

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Currently, there are several candidates in the race for top political positions in the 2016 elections in America including Donald Trump, who is a business mogul, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and several others. Among the aforementioned individuals, a large number of them are lawyers although they prefer using more specific job titles such as “solicitor general” or “prosecutor” when asked about their professional backgrounds or résumés.