Sample Law Paper On Gender Identity Disorder

Homework Question on Gender Identity Disorder

  • History
  • Background
  • Definition
  • Reasons
  1. Possible problems that caused the sexual transformation of inheritance and marriage – Examples supported with pictures
  2. How people suffer from this ?
  3. How to prevent it?
  4. What the law and Islamic law is talking about this phenomenon?
  5. What about a medical treatment for those who have the gender identity?
  • Conclusion

Homework Answer on Gender Identity Disorder


Gender Identity Disorder is referred to as a formal diagnosis that is used by the physicians and psychologists when describing people who are experiencing substantial distress with the sex and gender that they were assigned when they were born. It is therefore defined by a strong and persistent feeling of identification of an individual with the opposite gender while being uncomfortable with one’s assigned gender at birth, which causes significant sufferings or impairment.

People who suffer from gender disorder have a tendency of developing strong desire to live as members of their opposite sex and in most cases; they dress and use behaviors that are associated with the opposite gender. For example, an individual who was identified as a boy from the time of birth could feel and act like a girl (Boudreau, & Andelloux, 2013).

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The scholars have come up with evidence supporting the fact that people who identify with a gender that is different from the assigned one at the time of birth might do so depending on some factors. The factors could include behavioral or psychological causes. Similarly, biological factors also play an important part in contributing to gender identity disorder, for instance, genes of an individual, parental exposure to hormones or the makeup of their brains.