Sample Law Essays On The First Amendment

Homework Question on The First Amendment

  • Answer the questions below in a response (250 words minimum) that you post to the discussion board. If appropriate, include personal experience as part of your answer.
  • First read the text of the First Amendment that appears on page 368 of your textbook. The Keep a Breast Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes breast cancer awareness to a youthful target audience. They sell a bracelet that says, “I ♥ boobies.”
  1. Suppose a middle school student who attends public school wears this bracelet to school. Under the First Amendment, may the school lawfully require the student to stop wearing the bracelet? Explain.
  2. Suppose an adult employee of a private company wore this bracelet to work. Under the First Amendment, can the employer lawfully require that the employee remove the bracelet? Explain.

Homework Answer on The First Amendment

The first Amendment limits the establishment of any legal barrier against freedom of speech and religion. When it was first established, the First Amendment was established with the view of protecting the freedom of religion. However, in the modern setting it has been extended to include freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. In this scenario, donning the bracelet, ‘I love boobies’ expresses the opinions of the ring bearers.

Therefore, any authority that curtails the freedom of expression in this manner goes against the First Amendment. Donning the bracelet is a way of creating awareness for breast cancer exercise. Some of the reservations against that within the school setting is the introduction of school uniforms. The bracelet may become a popular article too and may gain more prevalence than the school may tolerate.

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Even though there is alteration of the uniform, the school reserves no right to block the students from involving themselves in the drive against breast cancer. This is also the case in workplaces. The bracelet is a bit informal and would be highly noticeable as an alteration of the allowed code of dressing. However, the constitution firmly stipulates the liberty to expression.I believe that freedom of expression and freedom of the press is an essential right in the current generation.