Sample Law Essays On Selecting Lawmakers & How Policies Are Made

Homework Question on Selecting Lawmakers & How Policies Are Made

  1. For the paper, you will select a current issue in the news and connect it to a topic covered in class (either in the book or from the lecture).
  2. You will need to find one to two current articles to justify your position. In the paper, these articles should be properly internal cited using MLA citation.
  • You will also include a properly formatted work cited page.
  • Remember your papers should be opinionated and well informed!
  1. Times New Roman
  2. 12-point font
  3. Double Spaced
  4. 1-inch margin
  5. MLA citations & formatting
  •  BOOK: Dautrich, Kenneth & David A. Yalof. 2014. The Enduring Democracy. (3rd Edition). ISBN: 978-1-133-94234-4 chapters- 10-12

Homework Answer on Selecting Lawmakers & How Policies Are Made

The selection of lawmakers and policymaking is one of the current issues in the news today. The process of selecting lawmakers is political in order to allow the citizens to have their opinion on the right candidates. The lawmakers describe the persons who are involved in the creation of laws in any country. In most countries such as United States, the lawmakers are selected through a democratic process (Associated Press 12).

This includes a democratic process that allows each citizen one vote.  I think the lawmakers have continuously made some mistakes in terms of making laws unacceptable in the society. This summary would provide a comprehensive analysis of the selection of lawmakers and the policymaking process in the society today.Recently, a Texas law was passed limiting the ease of accessing abortion to most women.  The law led to the closure of close to 40 clinics in the state due to the failure of compliance.

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Thus, women are forced to travel long distance to perform the simple procedure. Many citizens in Texas, Alabama and Virginia among other states in the United States have criticized the approval of such laws.  This indicates the making of policies should involve close public interaction and reviews.  The lawmakers make laws and policies that would hurt the lives of its citizens. Thus, it is very important to involve citizens in the policy making process (Emerson 13).