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Homework Question on Obsolete Laws

  • Read the Issue Brief on Obsolete Laws and Discussion about Obsolete Laws Solutions found at:
  • Write a double spaced report about the Issue Brief and Discussion that addresses these 4 elements.
  1. Summarize the main arguments presented in the issue brief and discussion regarding what obsolete laws are and why they matter to government. [Please note, the Common Good is a think tank with an agenda; it is not an objective organization.]
  2. Summarize the proposed approaches that the issue brief and discussion suggest to deal with obsolete laws.
  3. Critically discuss the proposed approaches from the issue brief and discussion in regards to administrative feasibility (that is, explain how the approaches would affect government and public administrators, and consider how the changes could be made). Consider whether the solution that comport to rule of law concepts or public administrative values. In this discussion include references to the assigned reading in class.
  4. This assignment should take the class period and maybe 1-2 additional hours to complete. Read only the material on these two links and do not do any additional research on the web or use other outside sources.
  •   The report should be accurate, clear, and brief. Include reference list

Homework Answer on Obsolete Laws

Obsolete laws are important yet often ignored issues that need to be addressed by the government of any member states as they are a primary source of wastage of resources and impede economic growth in a country. The world is ever changing. This therefore creates the need to change the rules and regulations that govern any region as they may not adequately address the current needs of society. However, as it is commonly observed, the local authorities rarely review laws this creates a situation in which the government and the society are tied to laws that inhibit them from making rational decisions that address their current needs.

The Lawmakers and regulatory agencies have always been in the forefront to establish new rules and regulation and have always been acknowledged with lots of praise for the laws that they pass. This has led to piling up of many laws that are barely subjected to any scrutiny afterwards. This has created a situation in which the U.S code has an approximately more than seven thousand words than the Constitution. Most of these codes are outdated but still tie the federal budget on them.

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One such law is the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933/1938 which was enacted more than seventy years ago to revive the agriculture industry by subsiding crops during the Great Depression. The law is still enforced and cost the government billions every year as they pay corporate farms yet the farms are already making huge profits.