Sample Law Essay Summary: Human Rights Violation in Syria

Human Rights Violation in Syria

Since the beginning of the Syrian war in 2011, there has been immense tribulation in the country due to various reasons. For one, Syria is a single party nation since 1977 and the government limits the participation of the citizens in a democratic election process. As a result, there has been no presidential election in the country, leaving it to be under totalitarian governance most of the time. In addition to this, any suspected human rights activists are placed in detention and tortured to prevent their contribution towards advocacy for changes in the country.

During the war period, there has been an escalation of the rates at which human rights are violated. For example, the people are denied the basic right to democracy through the single party system which limits participation in the election process. Moreover, demonstrations across the country are quelled by the government through the use of force and brutality, and have thus continued for the last 22 months.

Soldiers are ordered to use live bullets against the demonstrators and anyone who refutes this order is considered as a rebel and put together with other activists in crowded cells where they are denied access to basic human rights. Because of the escalation of the war, soldiers treated as rebels have recruited others into rebel group which fight against government forces. This makes the war casualties increase, women and children are denied peace and security, and the president continues to promise reforms which he fails to implement.

Children cannot go to schools while some have already run away to seek asylum in Turkey. The international community should intervene in the Syrian war to help the civilians get access to human rights. Provision of guns to rebels only increases the war casualties while imposing sanctions makes conditions more unbearable for Syrians. Other strategies should thus be employed.


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