Sample Law Essay Summary on Apt Lease

Apt Lease

A lease agreement for an apartment provides rules and regulations which a landlord expects the tenants to adhere to in addition to being in the premises for a valid period of time. Although the landlord owns the property, the tenant has exclusive rights to the property as long as it is within the period during which the lease agreement is valid (Jennings 193). The tenant is required to read and understand the implications of the lease agreement fully prior to signing the agreement. This means that the tenant should not behave contrary to the provisions of a signed lease agreement. Both the tenant and the landlord have the right to terminate the lease agreement provided either party provides sufficient notice for the same. In the case of Aron, the tenant’s actions were contrary to the lease agreement. This is because the tenant, Aron, transferred the property to another tenant despite not being allowed to do so by the lease agreement.

Aron had the option to sublet the property but only to those people approved by the landlord. The landlord had the right to restrict Aron from subletting the property. The approval of the landlord to a given stated use of the apartment was necessary prior to change of use (Willerton and Grandfield 119). Aron should have checked the agreement to determine if the landlord had the right to withhold his permission to sublet the apartment. At the same time, the landlord could have been wrong since he did not indicate reasons behind not permitting Erica to sublet the apartment yet the lease period was not yet complete. The landlord should only have been worried about liability and subletting without consent. This could not have been a challenge as Aron could have been held liable.



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